What we’ve shown over the years!

June 2022 – Belfast

June 2022 – The Naked Civil Servant (Attd: 20)

December 2021 – Home Alone & SANTA!

October 2021 – Windrush The Years After: A Community Legacy on Film

September 2021 – Downton Abbey

March 2020 – Lady Bird (International Women’s Week with speakers!) 

January 2020 – The Magnificent Seven (1960)

December 2019 – The Grinch (2018)

December 2019 – H is For Harry (with Directors Q+A)

November 2019 – Yesterday

October 2019 – Aesthetica Short Film Night

September 2019 – Blackkklansman

July 2019 – A Star is Born

June 2019 – Call Me By Your Name (with JRF LGBT+ Network)

June 2019 – Evelyn (Suicide Awareness Event)

May 2019 – First Man (Pay It Forward event)

April 2019 – Lion

March 2019 – Bohemian Rhapsody

February 2019 – Pretty Woman 

January 2019 – Casablanca (Free members event)

December 2018 – The Polar Express

November 2018: The Chocolate Village in the Chocolate City (with Nestle Archivist Alex Hutchinson)

October 2018: The Lost Boys 

October 2018: A Northern Soul (With Sean McAllister & Steve Arnott Q+A)

September 2018: Darkest Hour

September 2018: SING! (Folk Hall’s Re-opening weekend)

August 2018: The Lion King (Outdoor Cinema @ Huntington Working Men’s Club)

August 2018: Paddington 2 (w/ New Earswick Library)

July 2018: The Greatest Showman

March 2018: Suffragette (with special guests Claire Ainsley & Lyndsay Weir)

February 2018: Hidden Figures

February 2018: Moonlight (with special guests Christine Appleton JRF/Jake Furby York LGBT Forum)

January 2018: Moana

January 2018: Dunkirk

December 2017: Elf

November 2017: Dirty Dancing

October 2017: Psycho

September 2017: La La Land

July 2017: Life, Animated (with special guest volunteer Tegan Pearce)

June 2017: Carol (with special guest Christine Appleton JRF LGBT allies network)

May 2017: Still Alice (with special guests ‘Inspired Youth’ and ‘City of York Council’)

April 2017: Cinema Paradiso

April 2017: Find Dory Kid’s Event

March 2017: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

March 2017: Inside Out Kid’s Event

February 2017: Bridget Jones’s Baby

February 2017: Pixar Short Films Kid’s Event

January 2017: I, Daniel Blake (with lead actor Dave Johns)

December 2016: Jungle Book Kids Event

November 2016: Bridge of Spies

November 2016: Members Short Film Evening

October 2016: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

September 2016: Spotlight

July 2016: Dad’s Army

June 2016: The Danish Girl

May 2016: The Martian

April 2016: The Lady in the Van

March 2016: Big Knights Kids Event

March 2016: Far from the Madding Crowd

March 2016: Girlhood

February 2016: Mr Holmes

29th January 2016: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

20th December 2015: Cinderella

6th November 2015: Amélie

31st October 2015: Frankenweenie

16th October 2015: Selma

18th September 2015: The Grand Budapest Hotel

August 2015: Insurgent

9th August 2015: Paddington

August 2015: The Lego Movie

3rd July 2015: Pride

5th June 2015: The Theory of Everything

1st May 2015: Some Like it Hot

10th April 2015: Imitation Game

6th March 2015: Boyhood

13th February 2015: Mama Mia

20th December 2014: Frozen

Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come! Just see our What’s On pages for more info!

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