The cult film to beat all cult films is coming to Film at the Folk Hall on Friday 28th October. Now is the chance to really push the boat out if you enjoy audience participation at your film night out! We present to you the one and only “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

At the midnight showings around the world, which have been a regular feature since 1976, the audience bring along props such as toast, flashlights, newspapers, rice, bells and water-pistols to use in various scenes as appropriate.

Many TV shows and films have also paid tribute to “Rocky Horror” including Men in Black (1997), Glee (2009), Halloween II (2009) and That 70’s Show (1998).

The volunteers who put on the film nights every month will, I am sure, lead the way in dressing up for the show. That should be a sight for sore eyes, but who dares to have their photo taken for our website gallery?


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