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I have been interested in the arts, though not necessary making, and community arts for many years. I have taken part in various projects in West Yorkshire and New Earswick that looked at how the arts can bring people together to make new friendships and reduce isolation – the aim of Film at the Folk Hall.

I have worked with a small group of local volunteers to start and now build on the success Film at the Folk has achieved over the last year.  All the volunteers work together to ensure our friendly and relaxed atmosphere helps our audience enjoy an evening at a local venue watching films they have helped choose.

Update: Chris has recently stepped down (November 2016) from her role as the driving force behind Film at the Folk Hall. She will be greatly missed not least because her shoes are pretty big shoes to fill. (Chris has tiny feet, but you know what I mean!) All members of the group wish her all the best in her future projects and we  look forward to seeing Chris at all our film nights.

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I’m from the United States, resident in York since 1989.  I have lived a long time overseas, mostly in Asia (India, Bangladesh and Laos) as a volunteer and then with my husband who worked for the UN.
I am passionate about all world cinema and all kinds of films (not so
good on violent action!). I would love to see Film at the Folk Hall
grow into a venue where a variety of film would find an audience. I
work front of house and keep the residents of Hartrigg Oaks informed

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I’m a local boy, born and raised in York and live just round the corner from the Folk Hall. I started volunteering here towards the end of 2015 looking after the technical side of things. When Chris decided it was time to step down from chairing things, I decided I couldn’t miss the chance to lead such a lovely organisation and stepped in. My job still includes organising set up, but now I get to manage lots of lovely volunteers and try to push our little group forward to engage with people in new and positive ways!
I’m a big lover of all things film and as well as the Folk Hall screenings I also hold a regular movie night at my home with my friends.
You will probably find me on movie night running around with wires in my hand, come and say hello!


Danielle is a mysterious scriptwriter from Washington State, USA. She now resides in our fair city of York. Danielle can draw inspiration from the bottom of a wine bottle if she needs to. A very talented young women destined for Hollywood we think but for the time being we hope she writes our blog and social media output!

Steve with his long suffering wife, Alison.

Originally from the Steel City of Sheffield, I now live in Wigginton, York. I have been involved in TV and Film Production (and education) since the mid 1980’s. First as a film and video editor in Sheffield, the North East and in London. Later as a freelance producer and writer/director and editor of documentaries mainly for Channel 4 in the UK. One day I may get a proper job but do not hold your breath on that one!

My interest in community cinema stems from my many years work in communities around the UK as a film maker, film & new media educator and social activist.

I love film of all kinds but I have a fondness for independent cinema from Latin America, the UK, Japan, the USA and mainland Europe.

Film is a big passion of mine. Originally from Bristol. I moved to York to study for my degree in Film and TV Production from the University of York and fell in love with the city. Since the end of my studies in 2015 I have embarked on the difficult mission of breaking into the film industry, with the aim of making it as a Producer. In the meantime, I felt it would be a great experience to contribute my time toward the expansion of arts and culture in the local community. This is how I came to be involved with Film at the Folk Hall. I am new to volunteering here, but the people are lovely, the events are great fun and I am looking forward to getting involved more and more in the future.

Steve, Tegan and Danielle manage and write the website content for F@FH and they are always on the look-out for easily persuaded volunteers to help them out. Free coffee and cake are provided if that is what it takes!

We would love to hear from potential new volunteers if you are keen to help out at Film at the Folk Hall during the next 12 months.

Do contact us if you have any questions.

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