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Sam Watling – Chair

I’m was born and raised in York and live just round the corner from the Folk Hall. I started volunteering here towards the end of 2015 looking after the technical side. When Chris decided it was time to step down from her position as chair, I decided I couldn’t miss the chance to lead such a lovely organisation and stepped in. My job still includes setting things up on film night, but now I get to manage lots of lovely volunteers and try to push our little group forward to engage with people in new and positive ways!

I’ve always had a love of all things film and so being involved here has quickly become a passion project for me. I hope to continue building on this lovely community we already have and would ask that if you have enjoyed yourselves here, tell a friend or bring them along. Your support keeps us going! You will probably find me on film night running around with wires in my hand, come and say hello!


Craig Williams

I’m a local boy and I have lived in York for the majority of my life. Sam and I have been friends since we were 4 years old and have probably seen thousands of films together. I have been passionate about film for as long as I can remember and I enjoy watching a wide range of genres.

Originally Sam asked me to lend him a hand setting up the screen and sound for a film – I ended up staying for the showing and loved the positive atmosphere and community spirit – I’ve been coming back to help ever since! I’m now the group’s treasurer as well as licensing our films and helping set up the events. I am excited to see this community grow for an audience of all ages.


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Christine Cooke – Founder

Christine stepped down from running the organisation in November 2016 after founding Film at the Folk Hall and working flat out for 2 years. In that time she acquired funding and support from numerous places including getting the state of the art projector and screen we needed to become self sufficient. After finding a good group of volunteers and going in the right direction it was time for Chris to take a well earned rest! All the members of the group wish her all the best and we look forward to seeing her at our events in the future!

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Hi, my name is Marie. I’m cosmopolitan having lived and worked in the USA where I trained as a Registered Nurse in the state of California. I worked in Canada and Europe prior to coming to the UK in 1975. After retirement I went to work as a volunteer in a refugee camp in Northern India for a year. I moved to York when I came back to the UK and continued studying part time doing by MSc in Social Science, working as a volunteer for Oxfam and joined the W.I. I then came and lived in New Earswick.

I was involved in setting up NELLIvision until we changed the name to Film at the Folk Hall and remained an avid supporter and volunteer. I look after the box office on film night.


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I’m from the United States, resident in York since 1989.  I have lived a long time overseas, mostly in Asia (India, Bangladesh and Laos) as a volunteer and then with my husband who worked for the UN.

I am passionate about all world cinema and all kinds of films (not so good on violent action!). I would love to see Film at the Folk Hall grow into a venue where a variety of film would find an audience. I work front of house and keep the local residents of Hartrigg Oaks informed.



I’m Anna. I went to uni in York and after a short spell back in my home town of Leeds I moved here and am a teacher at a local primary school. I came along to help out at a few events and before long became part of the furniture. I help out on film night and have recently taken over looking after our social media. I love classic films like Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing and hope to see some more of those at the Folk Hall in the coming months!

Kyran Weir.jpg

I moved to York for work but promptly fell in love with the city. I currently work for Nestle as a data analyst but my true passions are film and graphic design. I volunteer as the groups graphic designer which is great. I love all genres of film especially science fiction.





We are always keen to hear from potential new volunteers if you are keen to help out at Film at the Folk Hall.

Do contact us if you have any questions.

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