It’s just like International Rescue at Film at the Folk Hall in New Earswick. One of our latest volunteers, Tegan, is helping out on the social media side in the coming weeks. She will be starting to develop a sustainable strategy for the group so that we can use the full power of on-line media to advertise what we do to the wider community. It’s not as easy as people think to build a on-line presence for community cinema groups like ours but I’m sure with Tegans’ input we can head in the right direction very quickly. So look out for us on Twitter

and on Facebook  as well as on this website to see what plans are being put in place for future successful events at Film at the Folk Hall.

I would also like to put another call out to any volunteer who is interested in writing for this blog to contact me or Tegan via this website to discuss your ideas. Here is your opportunity to become a star writer for a community cinema group in York.

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