Wes Anderson has been directing films for over two decades now. His features are known for their distinctive visual and artistic style. It is so iconic, it has even sparked its own Instagram hashtag, #accidentalwesanderson.

Love it or hate it, his films are iconic. Here we have ranked our top ten for you to enjoy at your own leisure.

Number Eight: Bottle Rocket

IMDB 7.1 – Comedy

This 90’s classic, and Anderson’s first feature length film, is a clear indicator of how he meant to go on with his refined directorial style. The comedy centres on a group of young Texans who aspire to become master thieves, and is filled with quirky characters and plenty of energy.

Although it didn’t perform too well in the Box Office, it has since been recognised for its brilliance, and was the true indicator of the start of something great, new and refreshing in the world of film.


Number Seven: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzou

IMDB 7.3 – Adventure Comedy

Internationally famous, and possibly depressed, oceanographer, Steve Zissou, sets out with a rather complex plan to exact revenge on a elusive shark that killed his partner. After swearing vengeance on the shark, Steve Zissou brings together a mishmash of a crew that includes his estranged wife, a journalist, and a man who may or may not be his son.

The fourth film by Wes Anderson is one of the best by Anderson in terms of visuals and retro styling, however it is let down only a little by its complex and detailed plot, and character building.

Not one to disappoint however, and now seen as a cult film by many Anderson fans and young university and arts students alike.

Number Six: Rushmore

IMDB 7.7

Rushmore centres on the story of Max Fischer, an ambitious and eccentric teenager who falls instantly under the spell of a new school teacher. Max loves his school, his extra-curricular activities and now also, this new fixture in his prep school.

It is an offbeat comedy, delivered by a brilliant cast and is one of Wes Anderson’s greatest feature length films.

Number Five: The Darjeeling Limited

IMDB 7.2

The Darjeeling Limited is a comedy drama focusing on the lives of three American brothers, a year after their late fathers’ funeral. They embark on a cultural journey across India by train, in an attempt to bond with each other, and come together after such a tragic occasion.

Unfortunately, their aspirations are hindered by their personal peculiarities and brotherly ways.

A fantastic film, filled with beautiful landscape shots, and lots of emotional and spiritual energy.

Number Four: Fantastic Mr Fox

IMDB 7.8

This stop motion film is based on the original Roald Dahl novel released in the 1970’s. It focuses on the life of a courgeous and curious fox, who risks his life to raid the farms of the nearby mean and wealthy farmers to feed his family and animal friends.

It is a delightful and light-hearted comedy, and the stop-motion filming makes it feel wonderfully nostalgic and something a little more special.

Number Three: The Royal Tenenbaums

IMDB: 7.6

This film follows the life of Royal and Etheline Tenenbaum, and their three incredibly gifted children. It explores the ins and outs of this dysfunctional family, played by a fantastic cast including Gywneth Paltrow, Owen Wilson and Bill Murray.

This quirky award-winning comedy is like no other, and a must see for Anderson lovers, or people who are in the mood for an artistically wonderful drama that combines light and dark at the same time.


Number Two: Moonrise Kingdom

IMDB: 7.8

A pair of two young star-crossed lovers fall in love, and decide to run away from their coastal New England town.

This quirky film follows the frantic search which then ensues, to rescue them before the arrival of a violent storm brewing offshore.

The film is quaint, truthful to Anderson’s best style, and a reminder of the themes uncovered and explored in Rushmore decades before.

Number One: The Grand Budapest Hotel

IMDB: 8.1

Ralph Fiennes is on glorious form as Monsieur Gustave, the legendary concierge of the Grand Budapest Hotel in the early 1930s. Set in a popular European Ski Resort, the Grand Budapest Hotel follows the curious life of M Gustave and the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted best friend.

This film is beautiful, whimsical, and had many people calling it Andersons’ best film yet without any holdbacks.

It oozes charm, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and filled with a brilliant group of character you become immediately immersed by.

A must-watch, and watch, and watch again.




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