Welcome to the first of a new regular feature.  Each week* I’ll be inviting your votes on some important referendums, giving you a chance to re-live some great movie memories and moments, and also maybe create a chance for you to make some new ones.

For our inaugural award, we’ll be name the definitive, all-time Best Comedy Drunk. In real life, of course, alcoholism is no laughing matter.  In the escapist fantasies of the movies, however, their prat-falling, taboo-breaking, non sequitur-indulging antics are frequently used to hilarious effect.

The annals of movie history is littered with those acting sozzled for our entertainment.  Our list of nominees are below.  But as with any awards, the winner cannot be chosen by just a single person; so we want your vote.  Leave a comment below telling us your choice and any other thoughts you feel like.  Or, maybe, there’s an obvious choice that we’ve scandalously overlooked (that’s as much a part of awards as the actual winners, after all).  If so, let us know that as well.

Alternatively, if you’re a fancy-pants, you can cast your vote on Twitter.  We’ll be totting up all the scores on Saturday 17th November and posting the results right here!

* or as regularly as someone with a full-time job and two kids can manage it!

And the nominees are…

John Belushi as John ‘Bluto’ Blutarsky

Animal House (1978)

This guy is the archetypal alpha male of frat boys everywhere.  When the party’s going flat, Bluto willanimalhouse give it a kick up the rear.  Whenever you think you’ve had enough to drink, he’ll make you have one more.  If there’s a crazy, anarchic scheme that’s sure to end in trouble, you can be it was his idea.  And, of course, he loves TOGA!

Warning: this clip contains strong language

James Stewart as Elwood P. Dowd

Harvey (1950)


This amiable gent wouldn’t harm a fly or say a bad word about anyone.  In fact, the only symptom of his persistent boozing is his absolute conviction in the existence of a 6 foot tall rabbit that only he can see.  This apparently is enough for his uptight relatives to label him insane.  What this lovely film argues is that the rest of the world would benefit from being more like our Elwood.

Billy Bob Thornton as Willie

Bad Santa (2003)

Christmas is a time when many of us indulge in a tipple or two (or even three, who’s counting, right?).  It’s also a time to show the milk of badsantahuman kindness.  For Willie, that milk has gone very, very sour.  This shopping mall St Nick makes Ebeneezer Scrooge look like Tiny Tim.  He wouldn’t so much enjoy the nip of brandy you leave out, so much as raid your cupboard for the whole bottle, down it and pass out on your kitchen floor.  And probably leave you a Christmas ‘present’ of his own in the toilet.

Warning: this clip contains very strong language

Richard E. Grant as Withnail

Withnail & I (1987)

The Hamlet of drunks.  This ‘resting’ (read: unemployed) actor demands the finest wines Withnailknown to humanity, goes on holiday by mistake, and waxes lyrical about the end of the greatest decade in human history (that’s the sixties to you).  All the while dishing out torrents of some the funniest, most colourful abuse ever committed to film.

Warning: this clip contains strong language


And the winner is…

The polls have closed, the ballots counted more carefully than a Florida electoral vote (not difficult), and we are proud to announce that the winner of the FatFH Alternative Oscar for all-time Best Comedy Drunk is…


Withnail from Withnail & I

As you can see from the below poll, it wasn’t even close.  He can take (more than) double anything you could:


Many thanks to all who voted.  Next poll will be announced and opened on Sunday, 18th November!


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