It was a pleasure to host Dave Johns and Abigail Scott-Paul at our showing of Ken Loach’s Palm D’Or award winning film I, Daniel Blake. The film is up for a few BAFTA awards too, so keep your fingers crossed.

The film may not in itself change government policy on the benefits system in the UK but it is certainly making people think, as all great art should do. The lead performances by Hayley Squires and Dave Johns deserve all the accolades coming their way. Stunning work is all I can say. The food-bank scene will go down as one of the most heartbreaking scenes in British film history. I wonder what our local politicians would have to say about it?

It was telling that many people in the audience for the Q & A had their own stories to tell about benefits sanctions and family disagreements about the “worthiness” of people on benefits. What is great is that local people came out in force to see the film, talk with Dave & Abigail, and contributed some money towards supporting our local food-bank.

All this wouldn’t have happened without the many, many hours our volunteers put in, week after week. So here is my weekly call out to anyone wanting to help us provide this great community cinema experience at the Folk Hall in New Earswick, York.

PLEASE, PLEASE join us as a volunteer. Sell ice cream, talk to film stars and support your neighbours. Just click and you will be transported to our volunteer page.

Abigail Scott-Paul and Dave Johns in the spotlight

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