More than just a cinema…

"We want to be more than just a cinema". It's a phrase I've been using a lot lately.  I find myself using it as a bit of a tagline when people ask me to explain this passion project that's been taking up all my spare time these days. But what are we actually aspiring to … Continue reading More than just a cinema…


More fun at Film at the Folk Hall

It was a pleasure to host Dave Johns and Abigail Scott-Paul at our showing of Ken Loach's Palm D'Or award winning film I, Daniel Blake. The film is up for a few BAFTA awards too, so keep your fingers crossed. The film may not in itself change government policy on the benefits system in the … Continue reading More fun at Film at the Folk Hall

I, Daniel Blake film night

Tickets are on sale for the January 2017 (Friday 20th) showing of Ken Loach's  I' Daniel Blake, the Palme d'Or winning drama gaining rave reviews from critics and film goers alike. To quote the Observer film critic Mark Kermode; "Blessed with exceptional lead performances from Dave Johns and Hayley Squires, Loach crafts a gut wrenching … Continue reading I, Daniel Blake film night