It’s finally happening! The film we’ve all been waiting for (particularly our volunteer Anna) is coming to our community cinema on 24th November 2017. This film has everything! Romance, drama, dancing, PATRICK SWAYZE!

It started off as a low budget film from a new production company but went on to win the hearts of fans and it quickly became a cult classic. It was the first VHS to sell over a million copies and still managed to sell a million DVDs in 2005! The movie only cost £3.2 million to make yet made £172 million at the box office. That’s almost £400 million in today’s money! As well as winning an Oscar for Best Original Song the soundtrack has also gone multi-platinum with over 31 millions copies sold world wide. Easy to see why with hits like (I’ve had) The Time of My Life, She’s Like The Wind and Hungry Eyes on there to name a few.

Can you believe Patrick Swayze wasn’t the original choice for the part of Johnny? He was supposed to be 10 years younger and Mediterranean so Billy Zane was pegged for it. Sharon Stone and Sarah Jessica Parker also auditioned for the part of Baby too. Thankfully the film makers saw the chemistry between Swayze and Jennifer Grey and it was a simple choice!

There’s some classic scenes from this film too, the obvious one being ‘THE LIFT’! Believe it or not, the final lift scene was done in one take and Jennifer Grey has never done it since.


Patrick Swayze sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer in September 2009. A talented, singer, dancer and actor he is sadly missed across the world and we will have a short tribute to him during the interval of our screening.

We can’t wait to share such a fun and classic film with our audience. We will also be giving away the collectors edition blu ray of the film and the 2 disc special edition soundtrack to 2 lucky audience members!

Tickets are available from the Folk Hall or via our Facebook page.

201711 Dirty Dancing.jpg

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