On the 6th day of Halloween, a lighter bite for ye…

Horror doesn’t have to be all blood & guts and emotional trauma. It can also be just fun, and there’s no better recent example than ‘Happy Death Day’ (2017). Basically, it’s ‘Groundhog Day’ meets ‘Scream’ – a college girl must inexplicably re-live the day of her death over and over until she can solve her own murder.

Click the image for the trailer

This is as light and disposable as horror comes while still earning the term, and while you’re watching it you’ll love every one of its 95 good-natured minutes. It plays down the scares (albeit with some well-timed jump scares) and foregrounds the thrills, spills and humour. It’s even self-aware enough for its characters to appreciate the ridiculousness of the premise, and has a terrific star-making central turn from Jessica Rothe.



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